Ansahman, Anais Alexandra Tekerian, Anna Garano, Armenian folk, Zulal, Kevork Mourad, Flamenco, guitar, vocal music, Sephardic music


Hear clips of Ansahman’s new album below:

Guitar and arrangement: Anna Garano

Voice: Anaïs Tekerian

Clarinet: Kinan Azmeh

Gulo – Traditional

I go to my sweet Gulo’s home but she is not there. I find her at the stream.

“Gulo, your love has burned my heart.”

Yes Veru Yeghnig Em (I Am a Mountain Dear) – Traditional

I am a deer from the top of the mountain of Sasun. I have been wounded many times and yearn for your presence, which would be like healing medicine for the soul…

Hingalla – K. Kara-Murza

The shepherd, sunk in sadness, sits on his mountain and plays a love song.

Recorded and mixed by Kamilo Kratc (, mastered by Giulio Cesare Ricci (

Ansahman can be purchased through Fonè, Amazon, or

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